Commercial Break (2011)



Realização:  ·  Julião Sarmento

O projecto Commercial Break é uma mostra paralela à 54.ª Bienal de Arte de Veneza e irá mostrar vídeos de 90 artistas internacionais no Grande Canal da cidade.
Inclui a participação do artista plástico português Julião Sarmento. O barco conta com uma grande tela com cerca de 6 metros, e vai navegar lentamente pelo Grande Canal de Veneza durante cinco dias, de 1 a 5 de Junho.
[Fonte: Periferia Filmes]

[For our second project in Venice, we are presenting the mobile installationCommercial Break from 1 to 5 June 2011 as part of the opening week of the 54th Venice Biennale.
On a giant mobile video screen, which will sail through the center of Venice, over eighty artists engage with the relationship between advertising and culture. The short digital works by globally recognized and emerging artists from around the world will bring the form and language of advertising to Venice. The project is curated by Neville Wakefield and powered by POST magazine. Since the early days of Pop – think Lichtenstein, Ruscha and Warhol - art has drawn direct influence from the language of advertising in the creation of hybrid collisions of high and low cultural forms. Nowhere are these collisions more evident than in the city of Venice, host to one of the most well-established and oldest Biennale in the world. Steeped in history and tourism, it is a city of contradictions, a place where every two years art and the traditions of the past play host to the provocations of the present. Venice is a city of commerce without commercials – a place that advertises only itself.
Commercial Break is both an intervention with the architecture of the city and an iPad application created by POST, the world’s first magazine created specifically for the iPad. The special art issue will allow readers to explore individual artists and films for the 5 months of the Biennale as well as on location in Venice.
Founded by Alexander Dellal, Remi Paringaux and Xerxes Cook, POST is an only child, born of the iPad. With no print sibling to imitate or be intimidated by, POST looks beyond the traditional rules of how and what magazines ‘should’ be, in favour of speculating upon what magazines could be. Liberated from the imposing heritage of paper culture, POST exists in an entirely virtual realm, yet is intimately connected to material through the medium of touch. Inherently interactive, POST presents a truly multimedia, multi-sensory journey from the first frame to the last, where even the advertisements are immersive, tactile experiences.
During the five months of the Venice Biennale, POST presents a special edition of the application dedicated exclusively to Commercial Break, available to download for free from iTunes. Titled POST Pavilion, the app includes information about the artists and their works, the curator’s statement, sponsor’s message and bespoke advertisement.]

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