Cabinda - Independência ou Morte (19??)

Cabinda - Independence or Death

45 min

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From the modern war in Angola, we know the confrontations between the Government troops and those of UNITA. However, the most deadly fights which are blood-staining the land of Angola are now being fought between people of Angola and of... Cabinda.
For the first time a coverage team has been allowed to join the FLEC-FLAC guerrillas, letting the world know a mostly forgotten war that has been fought over 20 years within the African land.

Luanda says "Cabinda belongs to us"; to the inhabitants of Cabinda the slogan "Angola belongs to us" is similar to the one Salazar used on his speeches.
The conditions leading to confrontations are created - Luanda sends thousands of soldiers to Cabinda and Cabinda replies with the old and traditional sentence "Independence or death". This is a coverage concerning a war spoken in Portuguese and to which Portugal’s arbitration is being asked by the people of Cabinda.

"Cabinda - Independence or death" is a coverage made by the journalist José Manuel Silva.


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