Para Josefa (19??)

Josefa D'Óbidos

60 min

Documentário   Actualidades  

Realização:  ·  António Escudeiro

Argumento:  ·  António Escudeiro  ·  Victor Serrão

An Art historian is preparing a project on the Barroque as well as the life and work of Josefa D’óbidos, a 17th century portuguese painter. She was born in 1630 in Seville, where her fatherwas a court painter. As a child she returns with her familly to Óbidos, her Father’s hometown in Portugal. She starts painting very early. In the quinta da cabeleira she lives a withdrawn existence between the care for the land and the execution of commissioned works to churches, convents and sisterhoods. Her work is influenced by her father’s paintings as well as the Masters of the Golden century: Velazques, Zurbaran, El Greco. She dedicates herself to painting Child Jesus, Holy Families, Calvaries for churches, Mercies for convents, and Still Lifes for private clients.

She died as a Maiden in 1684, leaving a work matchless in the Portuguese painting of the time - Passionate, Naíve, sensuous and profoundly religious. We follow her steps crossing Childhood memories, her father’s influence, scenes from her life of Woman Painter, an "emancipated Damsel", proving her maintenance wthdrawn from the world on her village court.

The film mixes fiction and reality, through the eyes of the historian as he studies her work, intrigued first, fascinated later, and plunging on what must have been her time, to meet her finally in the process.

(Source: RTC)