Outros - Vivendo Entre a Luz e a Sombra (2018)

Others - Living Between Shadow And Light

Produção 2017


7 min


Realização:  ·  Pedro Serrazina

Filme de animação inspirado nas orações e no uso de areia como material para abafar o som da vida secreta dos cripto-judeus do Norte de Portugal, no séc. XV.

[Originally a sand animation installation for the Sephardi Museum, in Bragança, soon to be a short animation film
This animation is framed by the historical use of sand that was spread across the floors of Sephardi houses in order to muffle the sound of movement inside, during times of persecution by the Inquisition.
Commissioned by the Sephardi Interpretation Centre of Bragança (Centro de Interpretação da Cultura Sefardita, Bragança).
The original animation runs continuously in a loop projected onto one of the side surfaces of a tall "monolith", 1.60m wide by 4m high, placed at the center of the final exhibition room of the museum.
I designed this non-narrative piece in response to the content of the museum, hoping to create an atmospheric interpretation of the sense of displacement and concealment that defined long periods of Sephardi history, but also to represent the plight of “the outsider” throughout History.
The animation aims to play with scale and point of view, creating contrasting moments between the illusion of a physical extension of the space of the gallery (through the "door-like" frame of the screening surface) and quick shifts of perspective, emphasizing a feeling of disorientation.
The soundscape reinforces a sense of intimacy, but constant point of view changes disrupt a traditional, stable viewing point; the viewer is alternatively invited to feel part of the screenspace and rejected from it; the perspective is challenged by the continuous flow of the images suggesting a disorientation that aims to recreate the uncomfortable feeling of being an outsider, lost and looked upon.
"Are we looking or being looked at?"
The piece will be presented in the center of a round room, under a domed ceiling.
The Sephardi Interpretation Centre of Bragança will open to public on the 20th of February 2017, in Braganca, Portugal.
Sand animation, 7 mins loop, 1.60mx4m installation.
Sephardi Interpretation Centre of Bragança (Centro de Interpretação da Cultura Sefardita, Bragança)]

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