Os Caminhos de Jorge (2013)


63 min


Realização:  ·  Miguel Moraes Cabral

Jorge é amolador. Não pára nunca. O seu caminho é longo, por vezes perigoso. Concerta, arranja, cuida e desperta memórias enterradas. À sua volta, pouco a pouco, o mundo transforma-se.

[Jeorge is a knife-sharpener. Despite being old and retired, he still keeps on working. Even health is not on his side, but this doesn’t seem to stop him. He drives down the streets with his motorcycle loaded with the trade’s tools day in and day out. Along the way he meets people he has known for years; he relives the past with them and looks concerned at the future, which seems to want to erase them.
“Os Caminhos de Jorge tells us the story of a knife-sharpener, in today’s northern Portugal. It is a portrait of him and of some of his clients, in a world in transformation where everyone has to find its own way. This world appears to reject them. It is a multi-plot film in which we join the memory of these people in a journey that becomes gradually a spiritual one.”]

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# 2013 - DocLisboa -
Competição Portuguesa Longa-Metragem - Menção Honrosa.