A Batalha de Tabatô (2013)

The Battle of Tabatô

Produção 2012

78 min


Realização:  ·  João Viana

Argumento:  ·  João Viana

Há 4500 anos, enquanto tu fazias a tua guerra, criámos a agricultura.
Há 2000 anos, enquanto tu fazias a tua guerra, criámos a boa governação dos reinos.
Há 1000 anos,enquanto tu fazias a tua guerra, criámos as bases do reggae e do jazz.
Hoje, superando a tua guerra, construiremos contigo a tua paz.

[Fatu’s father has returned home to Guinea-Bissau from Portugal to attend her wedding. The young woman teaches at the university and her future husband is a well-known musician. Their wedding is supposed to take place in Tabatô, a village where everyone makes music. On the way there, it becomes apparent that the father is seriously traumatised by his experiences as a soldier in the colonial war decades earlier.
A post-colonial narrative in black and white and red. This visually fascinating film incorporates many documentary elements into its story: the references to the historical achievements and cultural traditions of the West African Mandinka; the engagement with the town of Tabatô and the country’s real life musicians; the images of the cinema, cemetery, harbour and marshlands. The old man carries relics from the war in his suitcase. The young people are tired of the frequent putsches. Both have left their mark on the country’s current reality. When the father finally fights his demons and the village musicians seek to banish them by playing on their balafons, it becomes a battle of war versus peace and past versus future.

The film is a metaphor of the present situation in Guinea-Bissau and is located somewhere between the abysm of the war and the existence of this musical village called TABATO which is not known to the majority of the young people of Guinea-Bissau.]

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  • 2013-02-13 | Berlinale, Alemanha | Em Competição
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Festivais e Prémios:
# 2013 - Berlinale, 63 Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, em Competição na secção Forum - Menção Honrosa na categoria de Melhor Primeiro-Filme
# 2013 - Prémio Sophia para Melhor Documentário