Astor Piazzolla no Coliseu (1987)

Astor Piazzolla Live in Lisbon


60 min


Realização:  ·  Fernando Ávila

Astor Piazzolla em Lisboa, acompanhado pelo grupo Tango Nuevo, num espectáculo realizado no Coliseu dos Recreios, em 11 de Novembro de 1987.
Astor Piazzolla (Bandonéon); Horacio Malvicino (Guitarra); Hector Console (Contrabaixo); Pablo Ziegler (Piano); Fernando Suarez Paz (Violino). "Michelangelo 70";"Tanguedia III";"Mumuki"; "Contrabajissimo"; "Adios Nonino"; "Concierto para Quinteto"; "Milonga del Angel"; "Muerte del Angel"; "Tangata"; "Soledad" e "Verano Porteno", são os temas interpretados neste espectáculo.
[Fonte: RTP]

[This recording of a single concert at the Lisbon Coliseu features Astor Piazzolla and his quintet TANGO NUEVO. 60' of breathtaking music including such themes as "Michelangelo 70", "Adios Noniño", "Milonga del Angel", "Muerte del Angel"," Soledad", "Tangata" and "Verano Porteño".
Included is also an intertwined interview with Piazzolla purposely for this programme. Piazzolla talks to us about what he thinks of his new Tango, about the Portuguese Fado and, among other subjects, about the history of the Bandoneon, the Marvellous instrument that characterises his music.
He has made over 40 records in Argentina, U.S.A., France and Italy. After experimenting with various combinations of instruments, it was in the quintet form that Piazzolla found the best expression for the music he composed.
[Source: RTC]

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