Danças para uma Guitarra (1982)

Balet Gulbenkian - Dances for a Guitar


Realização:  ·  Cecília Netto

Created by Vasco Wellemkamp for the Gulbenkian Ballet, "Dances for a Guitar" combine the sophisticated style of the ballet world with the spontaneous and deeply nostalgic, deeply portuguese music of Carlos Paredes, in an apparently strange combination.
Although this is an abstract ballet, there is no doubt that certain gestures of the dancers may suggest elements in a landscape: the rolling of sea waves, the flight of birds and a farewell movement. However, this ballet is basically an exercise in pure dancing, showing that it is possible in contemporary ballet to combine elements from such heterogeneous cultural sources as the traditional sources as the traditional Portuguese Guitar and modern North-American Dance.

(Source: RTC)


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