A Última Minoria (19??)

The Last Minority

45 min

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In December 1961, the Indian Union invaded and definitely occupied the Portuguese State of Goa. On that day the imperial presence of Portugal, which would exactly count 500 years in 1998, terminated in India. But if it is true that in the political and economical scenario, the empires die when they are finished, in Goa, the language, the habits and the blood - because it is a certain Portuguese way of facing life - insist in being alive, contrary to the chill of the Indian reality.

This stubborness belong to around 1 thousand inhabitants of Goa; they are still one thousand in a country which is a subcontinent with more than 800 million inhabitants.
You are therefore invited to watch that "Last Minority" - a coverage made by the journalist Helena Balsa.


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