Deus Deixa os Diabos Tentarem os Anjos - As Tentações de Santo Antão de Jerónimo Bosch (19??)

"God Alows The Devil to Tempt The Saints" - The Temptations of Jeronimus Bosh's Saint Antony

50 min


Realização:  ·  Camilo Azevedo

Argumento:  ·  António Carlos Carvalho

[The Tryptic "The temptations of Saint Antony" by Jeronimus Bosch, is the object of this documentary.
The pride of the National Ancient Art Museum in Lisbon is perhaps Bosch’ most important and representative work. The interpretation proposed here is only one of the many possible, guided by the reading of the "Life of Saint Antony" written in the 6th century by Atanasium of Alexandria. Connections are also established between the Tryptic, the Alchemy, the Time and the Life of Bosch.
(Source: RTC)]