O Preço da Glória (19??)

The Price of Glory

25 min


In Master Alberto’s shipyards in Aveiro, the Frigate Dom Fernando and Glory is being rebuilt for four years, now. About fourty men follow the ancient art of wooden ship builders, recuperating this know how from near-extintion. Only three men have the knowledge to rebuild the whole ship. They were retired and the oldest is almost eighty years old. Whether it’s worth it or not, the price of Glory will be capitalized on Expo 98 where the ship will be exhibited. Afterwords, it will be turned into a museum-ship where wax characters will be recreating the daily life of a ship that has been five times around the world.
In Master Alberto’s shipyard, the ship that represents the end of an empire and a saga of navigators is almost ready. Two thousand tons, the price of an adventure: the reconstruction of the last 19th century frigate.

(Source: RTC)


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