Lutas do Bacalhau (19??)

Struggles of Codfish

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As stated by the tradition, in December 24 next, the main course of the Portuguese Christmas supper will be codfish. Apart from the different gastronomic habits of the North, Centre and South of the country and of the way it is cooked, codfish continues to be largely consumed by the Portuguese in spite of the fact that it never belonged to our maritime resources.

Portugal really is the world’s largest consumer of codfish.

Due to the reduction on fishing quotas there are fewer Portuguese codfishers heading to the North Atlantic frozen waters to look for this species.

From the 85 thousand tonnes of dried codfish annualy consumed in our Country, 80 thousand are now fished by foreign boats.

The Portuguese misfortunes in the codfish labour in Newfoundland is a coverage by Mário Crespo, RTP’s correspondent in the United States.

(Source: RTC)


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