Portugal - Um Retrato Natural (1991)

Portugal - A Natural Portrait

Produção 1985-1991


270 min

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Realização:  ·  Jorge Marecos Duarte

Argumento:  ·  Jorge Marecos Duarte  ·  Ana Isabel Queiroz  ·  José Manuel Fernandes (II)

#1 Woods and Forests (I/II)
The woods and forests of Portugal are revealed to us in all its splendour throughout the four seasons. We will meet their natural systems, their fauna and their flora. Forests and Oaks and groves of Cork-trees will surprise us with their beauty. We will watch how wolves and deers live, birds of prey and storks, among the many species inhabiting these woods and forests.

#2 Rivers (III/IV)
The Portuguese Rivers from Source to Mouth. Their characteristics, the animals and the plants that inhabit them. One of Europe’s richest habitats of animal and vegetable comunities.
The life on the margins. Here, we find an ottar, there a heron or a duck.
We will find out how the species that inhabit these whereabouts live.

#3 Seaside (V/VI)
The diversity of the portuguese seaside landscape is shown here in all its beauty. 800 Kms of shores, with sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, inhabited by species living by the rythm of the tides.
The estuaries, where sweet and salt waters meet, where the biosphere’s richest animal and vegetable comunities grow.

(Source: RTC)


Outras informações:
Série de 6 documentários de 45 minutos cada. Também editada em 1994 como série de 3 documentários de 60 minutos cada - As Matas e Florestas - Rios - Litoral.