Alentejo Cantado (1991)

The Singing of Alentejo

60 min


Realização:  ·  Francisco Manso

Argumento:  ·  Miguel Faria  ·  Francisco Manso

Documentário sobre o Alentejo e os seus cantos tradicionais. 

[It should come as no surprise to hear people from the Alentejo region being described as the most "musical" of the Portuguese. The inate capacity of the "Alentejo-an" to translate almost anything into song, as well as the seriousness with which the Alentejo people take their singing grants them (in whatever part of the world they may be found) a collective identity of spiritual community with those who share the same blood and the same land. As if singing were part of an ancient and mandatory ritual, , the Alentejo workers stand in a circle, with their eyes stationary, and the expression upon their faces serious, more often than not, shoulder to shoulder or arm in arm... and they sing.
This program offers a historical perspective of the Alentejo song, thrashing out its origins, as well as the factors that most influenced its development, including:
-Song as reflexive of the geographical isolation of the region.
-Song as complementary to the workaday rural tasks.
-Song as consequential of the strong ecclesiastic implantation that took place in the region.
A recording of that which is most genuine of the Alentejo song, presented by the region's choral groups that most orthodoxly adhere to the techniques of tradition.
(Source: RTC)]


Outras informações:
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