O Conquistador, Conquistado (2012)

Conquered Conqueror


10 min


Realização:  ·  Manoel de Oliveira

"O Conquistador, Conquistado" olha com humor a realidade da experiência turística contemporânea.

[In the northwest region of Portugal lies the ancient capital Guimar‹es. As the birthplace of Portugal's first king, Afonso the 1st, the city is known as "The founding region of Portugal," and possesses a variety of historical structures that have been preserved. It has been acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage site called "Historic Center of Guimar‹es" and in 2012, was designated a European Capital of Culture which is supported by the European Union. Various cultural events are held throughout the year in the city, and "Historic Center" is the film that was produced as a part of those events. In the film, four preeminent contemporary European masters capture Guimar‹es from different aspects. It can be said that this invaluable omnibus film which obviously conveys the charms of the city, archives the respective styles of four masters as a single work.
"Conquered Conqueror" is a humorous film shot at Guimarães' fortress. A group of tourists march toward an imposing bronze statue of Afonso the 1st that stands before the fortress...]

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Outras informações:
O Conquistador Conquistado é um dos quatro segmentos do filme Centro Histórico realizado para Guimarães Capital Europeia da Cultura em 2012.
Ver também http://www.cinept.ubi.pt/pt/filme/9185