O Que Eu Entendo Por Amor (2013)


13 min


Realização:  ·  Ricardo Martins

Argumento:  ·  Tiago Bastos Capitão

Julieta acorda com o marido, Hilário, morto na cama.
Julieta recorda uma vida de desamor e maus tratos às mãos do marido.
O monólogo de Julieta faz-se de paixões e ódios fatigados.
No fim, resta a pergunta: é isto amor?

[Julieta wakes up to find her husband, Hilario, dead next to her in bed. She is very old and very frail. All she can do is to phone for help. Julieta looks back over a loveless life, punctuated by her husband's abuse. The house and her marriage have always been prisons but now that she is finally free, she realizes that it's too late. She committed a crime of passion against herself as the years flew by. Julieta's monologue is about worn out passions and hatreds. The only question that remains is: is this love?]