O Mundo de Cá (19??)

The World On This Side

300 min


Realização:  ·  Camilo Azevedo

Argumento:  ·  Paulo Varela Gomes

This is how the Portuguese Vice-Roy D. Francisco de Almeida referred to India, the eastern world, in 1505 in a letter to king D. Manuel.

The ambiguity of the expression (its meaning changes depending upon the point of view of the reader) is the main reason why K was chosen as a title for this series about the dazzle of India.

The series aims at showing to an international audience the cultures and civilisations the Portuguese met when they arrived at the Indian sub-continent - Vijaianagar, Bijapur, Khambay, Ceylon - and the encounters and clashes of cultures which resulted thereof. The documentary will not deal primarily wish political, economical or military facts but mainly with cultural aspects (ideas, religion, art, architecture, urban planning).

(Source: RTC)


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Série documental de 6 episódios.

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