Escola de Cinema (2018)

Film School


118 min


Realização:  ·  Rui Alexandre Santos

Cinco estudantes de cinema partilham as suas motivações, inspirações, dúvidas e angústias sobre o seu futuro, enquanto trabalham nos filmes uns dos outros na procura da relação entre a vida de cada um e a vontade de fazer filmes.

[Five film students share their motivations, inspirations, doubts and regrets about their future while working on each other’s’ film projects, in search for a relationship of each one’s life with the will to make films.

The film starts with Luis, a dancer and actor who saw in film the opportunity to closely contemplate each movement bodies make. He makes film assignments with Pedro, an extreme sports athlete, who overcomes the difficulty of transmitting the wonders he sees by filming deep in the ocean. Their archeologist friend, Nuno, discovers film as a marvelous means to excavate. He likes to watch classics with Ricardo, the youngest of them joining film school to have his father’s fisherman world registered while everything is transformed in the docks. Ricardo’s main actor in film assignments is Isaac, an organ player and church keeper, whose quest in film ends up in a catholic seminary.]

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