Da Casa do Vincent na Borinage (2016)

From Vincent´s House in the Borinage


17 min


Realização:  ·  José Manuel Fernandes (IV)

Argumento:  ·  José Manuel Fernandes (IV)

Um olhar sobre a paisagem e as ruínas tintado por uma carta de Van Gogh.

[The reading of a letter addressed to his brother Theo is the metaphorical starting point of this suggestive immersion in the work and the places that Vincent Van Gogh lived in a key moment of his artistic life, the one in which he abandoned the faith to rediscover himself the world of painting in the Belgian mining town of Borinage. A strange presence enters the house where he lived, recreates his studio, breathes his surroundings and travels the landscape until he merges with his own paintings, pure oil painting that takes the form of a mysterious and unattainable dream like the great Dutch teacher.
[Source: Letterboxd]

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  • Portugal (PT)
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Co-produção Luso-Belga

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# 2017 - IndieLisboa - Competição Nacional

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