Fados na Mansão (19??)

Fados in the Manor

60 min

Actualidades   Musical  

Realização:  ·  Bento Pinto da França

[Fado is a totally democratic music expression. It is sung equally in the lowest and the highest classes of Portuguese Society. There are two main currents in the Lisbon Fado, that which has always been sung in smokey Joints of Alfama, Madragoa or Bairro Alto, or that which is sung in Aristocratic Manors… (And then there is Amália… The third current, but that’s another story).
Luz Sá da Bandeira and her Guests, take you in this second, aristocratic current.
Voices like Ana Maria Botelho, António Pinto Basto, Fernando Coelho rosa and classic João Ferreira Rosa will undoubtedly shed you to tears.
(Source: RTC)]