As Ruínas da Paz (19??)

The Ruins Of Peace

45 min

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From Yugoslavia the most mindful Portuguese possibly remember supreme commander Tito. An hero of the war against the Nazi Germany he was also the man that caused the first breach in the international communist movement.

After that, Yugoslavia fell into our forgetfulness: first until the images of horror of the civil war; and then until that war passed through our door taking 900 of our soldiers to Bosnia.

Since World War I (14-18) that Portugal holds again the responsibility of being an European country. After three and a half years of fights, war is over for the people of ex-Yugoslavia. In principle, everything gets back to normal. The possible normality. The only thing that is now to proove is that the silence of the cannons means a definitive peace and not just a parenthesis in a war that is devoted to proceed.

From both conflicting sides, "THE RUINS OF PEACE" is a coverage made by Márcia Rodrigues and Carla Santos Pereira.