Um General Sem Nome (19??)

A General Without Name

45 min


According to a survey on how much do we watch more or less of a certain TV channel, there is a bigger or smaller slice of 51 million Escudos in advertising that will be granted to RTP, SIC or TVI this year.

In order to know which channel is being watched, by whom and when (adults, children or elderly people, rich or poor), the two research companies existing in Portugal - AGB and ECOTEL - have chosen around 600 ho
mes, representing 1500 TV viewers whom are supposed to represent us all.
This is how it works in Portugal; and in the whole industrialized world. It also happens, however, that what is agreed all over the world is usually polemical in Portugal. This controversy involves the two research companies, every televison channel, advertising agencies and the Government itself... After all, we are dealing here with 51 million Escudos... and 4 thousand workers.

The question is to really know whether the audiences can be trusted or are easily manipulated. Forgetting all the polemics we went looking for the facts.