Os Boers Vêm Aí (19??)

The Boers Are Coming

45 min


700 South African white settlers are about to settle in Mozambique.
Most of them are farmers being financed by the government of Pretoria, to whom the authorities of Mozambique have granted 220 thousand hectares of ploughable land in the province of Niassa.
Disillusioned at the economical evolution of the post-apartheid South Africa, the Mozambique Government looks at these boers as a resource useful to the rebuild of a country devastated by civil war and unpleased with the years of the independence.
This agreement without precedents between two African governments is seen as the renewal of a lost bet in the remaining of the Continent: to demonstrate that the white and black communities may live in peace within the same space, sharing the same land.
The journalist Anabela Saint-Maurice traveled from Pretoria to Lichinga (ex-Vila Cabral) to listen to the hopes and anxieties of both the boers from Mozambique and of the Portuguese people that remained there.