Os Homens Rãs (19??)

The Crab-Men

25 min


The swamps of Recife have always acted as the last resort to the thousand peasants flagellated by the hunger caused by the long drought periods, and whom invade the capital of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco looking for survival. Since they never find a job, they end up as fishermen, living from crab catch in a polluted estuary. Jacinto Godinho’s coverage found these flagellated people living under unhuman conditions, on a palafitte village located in the swamp of the city of Recife.
This is an island that stopped in time, located in the centre of Brazil’s city of Recife. This is a lake dwelling village, composed of fragile palafittes, the real Venice of the poor, where people survive ploughed in mud and where the lives of men and crabs are connected in a cycle of life and death.
The people call it "The Island with no God of the Crab-Men".
[Source: RTC]


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Pertence à série "Bom Bordo - O Magazine do Mar".