Os Descobrimentos Portugueses (19??)

The Portuguese Discoveries

325 min


Realização:  ·  Bento Pinto França

Modern historians consider the Portuguese Discoveries as one of the most representative periods of Universal History.

While Europe was still under the influence of a Greek-roman civilisation the Portuguese were sailing to Asia, to Brazil, to Africa and offered new worlds, new cultures, new religions to Europe.

Portuguese Television thus produced this five programme series shot in four continents during 254 days in co-operafion with the Portuguese Institute for Cinema and the Committee of the XVII Exhibition of Arts, Science and Culture, sponsored by the Council of Europe.

The first four programmes tell us about the great adventure of Portuguese navigators starting with the discovery of Brazil, ending with the arrival in India after sailing along the African coast and colonising Azores and Madeira. The Portuguese navigators sailed to the Far East from India to Malaca. The last programme summarises five centuries of Portuguese navigation and also depicts the human and cultural links the Portuguese established with different peoples during the Discoveries.

(Source: RTC)


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Série de 6 episódios com as com as seguintes durações: 4x50 min, 1x60 min, e 1x65min.