A Maravilhosa Expedição às Ilhas Encantadas (1992)

Quest for the Enchanted Islands

200 min


Realização:  ·  Luís de Almeida

Argumento:  ·  Humberto Santana

Há muito tempo atrás, quando Portugal tinha um rei que se chamava João II, muitos marinheiros sonhavam com encontrar as Ilhas Encantadas do outro lado do mar. O sonho era tão bonito que acabaram por convencer o rei permitir uma Expedição às Ilhas encantadas...

[By the end of King John II's reign, the myth of the Enchanted Islands is all but entirely discredited. Yet a small and influential group in the court insists that a concerted effort be made to discover the blessed islands, "where all grass grows flowers, all trees bear fruit, and all stones are precious, where it is never too hot or too cold, it is never stormy, and there are no venomous animals". More to clear his conscience than for any other motive, the king decides to endorse a small maritime expedition, so that the islands, once and for all, be found or forgotten. Since plans for more lucrative expeditions are already underway, few means are disposed for this particular trip; the crew is composed of the least esteemed individuals in the court, and the caravel is one of the worst ever to leave the royal shipyard...
(Source: RTC)]