Moinhos Velhos - História de Uma Gruta (1980)

Moinhos Velhos, The History of a Cave

Produção Rodagem: Jun 1979-80


35 min


Realização:  ·  João Ponces de Carvalho

Argumento:  ·  João Ponces de Carvalho

[In fact, my 1st Film ever. Started to be shot in Jun 1979, but took ages to be completed, due to the complexity and costs... The Cave of Moinhos Velho is the biggest underground system in Portugal, and stretches for several km. Due to the biggest Film Speed available at the time being 100 ISO, we had to use, sometimes, over 60,000 Watts of light. HMI didn't also exist then.
[João Ponces de Carvalho]

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Dados Técnicos:
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