Destacamento Secreto (19??)

Secret Detachment

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The DAE fusileers (Special Detachment of the Portuguese Navy) are real war machines. They are an elite force highly specialized in amphibian operations. They have secret missions which are always performed during the deep evening. The DAE, which until now was unknown to most Portuguese people, does not include more than twenty fusileers. The exact number of people is kept confidential. Their faces only arise in the dark and old unknown identities.

Everyone involved is chosen from the fusileers body. They are both volunteers to the fusileers and to this special force. The process of recruitment is extremely strict. Dozens of tests are carried out, e.g., tests to physical capacity, diving, shooting, explosives and much more. Apart from this, everybody’s psychological capacities are tested to the limit.

During several weeks a report team from RTP intensely lived these men daily life. They filmed three of the DAE’s main missions: assault to an hostile ship, assault to a sailing vessel and the liberation of a very important entity. The recordings were carried out in August and September, off Sesimbra, in the mountain of Arrábida, at Comporta and Pinheiro da Cruz. Every operation was carried out with real ammonitions.

(Source: RTC)


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